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Submitted by PK on Sat, 2014-12-27 11:04.

PunchLight USB utility

Hardware configuration utility
Current version: 1.05.15
Requirements: Java SE 6.0 (JRE 1.6.0) or newer (Java 8 recommended)

Download: Windows (690KB) and macOS (690KB)

1.05.15 - Lamp 1.36 (record enable, pre-roll blinking), RSB 1.17 (Stop trigger, pre-roll blinking)
1.05.11 - multiple connected units: fix Studio Display settings, sync also Cue light (Lamp/Strip USB)
1.05.10 - support for 3V SDU, SDU 1.21
1.05.09 - 1st gen DLi fw fix
1.05.08 - small fixes (multiple units), Lamp 1.35 (uID fix), SDU 1.20 (MC arming fix)
1.05.07 - support for multiple connected units, macOS: faster scan, fix Studio Display settings comm. port
1.05.06 - support unique ID / Lamp 1.34
1.05.05 - supp. 3V lamps, WLi, DLi 1.17 (opt. force PT bars/beats at fixed pos.), enh. OS X fw update code
1.05.04 - added support for MackieControl time display data mapping for Studio Displays
1.05.03 - corrected RSB fw for the original hw revision
1.05.02 - fixes, new features and revised firmware update support for Windows & OS X
1.04.02 - fixes & new features, firmware update support for OS X added
1.02.01 - added support for new USB product
1.01.14 - added support for new firmware features
1.01.13 - added Czech localization
1.01.12 - initial public release

Studio Display MIDI Remote utility

Studio Display Setup utility when connected via MIDI interface
Current version: 2.60
Requirements: Java SE 6.0 (JRE 1.6.0) or newer (Java 8 recommended)

Download: Windows (180KB) and macOS (204KB)

Remote Device map for Steinberg WaveLab Pro

Remote Device map for import to Steinberg WaveLab Pro, to indicate the recording status.
It can be used with PunchLight USB units operating in "Logic (RL)" application mode.

Download: WavelabRD-PunchLightLogicRL.xml (813B)