PunchLight Merger

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Control of one light by multiple switching units. Suitable for large studios with multiple rooms.

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The Punchlight Merger is a device that will be used by big recording studios.
If your studio has multiple rooms, you can now see when recording is taking place on a single Recording Display or other recording light. With a computer and Punchlight trigger unit (Midi, GPI, DLi) in each room, the recording “on-off-record ready” data is merged into one stream, and can also be fed to multiple recording lights. A very useful device particularly for large studios.

Compatibility: PunchLight external lights

Connection Example 1:
Connect the 12V output of the PunchLight GPI to INPUT 1. E.g. this monitors the FaderSTART on a mixing console. Connect the PunchLight DLi to INPUT 2, which is controlled via USB and a workstation with Pro Tools. Connect the lights to the OUTPUTs 1-6 of the Punchlight Merger, which will be switched on both by the recording in Pro Tools (DLi) and by FaderSTART (GPi). Lights connected directly to the two remaining GPi outputs will only respond to FaderSTART – this is not shared.

Connection Example 2:
Connect the output of the W-CON RX to an INPUT on the Punchlight Merger. The transmitter unit can be connected a few rooms further away (e.g. in the main room). You have 6 outputs available for complete signaling in the studio and in front of it.

Another optional connection:


    Dimensions: 105 x 30 x 105mm, 4.13″ x 1.18″ x 14.13″ (w x h x d)