Relay Extender

 150,00 ( 181,50 incl. VAT)

Control devices (speakers, a microphone, a light system etc.) via a small additional box.

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The Relay Extender allows you to control any other device, e.g. speakers, a microphone, or even your light system via one small additional box. It is very easy to connect it to an existing PunchLight MIDIPunchLight GPI, PunchLight WLi or PunchLight DLi and automatically turn the appropriate gear on or off.


  • Two relay patches with terminal plate
  • Control any other device, e.g. speakers, light system, etc.
  • Two RJ10 inputs (12 V)
  • Max switching voltage 50 V
  • Connects to PunchLight WLi, GPI, DLi or MIDI
  • Two blue LEDs indicate activation
  • Relay output: On / Off / Switchable
  • Auto / Lock switch – variable or fixed operation
  • No need for a PSU
  • Size: 105mm x 24mm x 54mm (4.1″ x 1″ x 2,1″)