Studio Warning Lamp – Wood

106$ (128$ incl. VAT)

Compact light unit displaying red (record) and yellow (pre-roll) signals with a wood base. Easy connection, compatible with all PunchLight trigger units.

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The Studio Warning Lamp is a small light unit with an aluminum base that is compatible with all PunchLight Triggers. Recording light indicates punching in/out.
The product indicates “Recording” glowing red and “stand by” glowing yellow. The body of the device is made of hardwood, and great emphasis was placed on highlighting its natural pattern during processing. The surface is treated with natural wax. The light part is made of a special type of solid Plexiglas, which acts like glass when switched off, but unlike glass when switched on, it shines over the entire surface. Thanks to this, an elegant appearance is achieved. The Studio Warning Light is primarily designed to be placed on a table or other flat surface, but it can be supplemented with a Wall Holder. With it, it is also possible to add light to the wall. On a flat surface, stability is ensured by a layer of micro-rubber. The advantage is low consumption (only 20mA per color).


  • Compatible with all PunchLight Trigger units
  • Indicating recording (red) and record ready/preroll (yellow)
  • Size – 61 mm x 55 mm, 2.4”x 2.16” (h x w)
  • Default cable length – 10 m / 33ft
  • Base style – light wood
  • Low consumption (only 20mA per color)
  • Manual on/off option using 12V PSU
  • Option to attach to the wall using the Wall Holder


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